Biometric Time Attendance Software System is now more common in Bangladesh. For every industry in Bangladesh to keep employees daily in time and out time record, the importance of biometric device based time and attendance tracking software system has been increased day after day.
In Bangladesh, most of the industries use biometric attendance system software to track employees In-time and Out-time record. But now a day’s due to the advancement of software company in Bangladesh, the biometric time and biometric attendance software in Bangladesh has been changed a lot. Today the Employees time attendance system is not limited to track employees In-time and Out-time record. Besides these, an industry can manage employees profile, leave, absent, present record using time attendance software. In Bangladesh, there are many custom software development company or firm who provide employees time attendance software for industries. MASSTECH is a leading custom software development company in Bangladesh who provides the best custom time attendance and payroll management software in Bangladesh according to client requirements.

Advantages of using Biometric Time Attendance tracking Software System in Industry

It is very difficult to keep regular employees time record by keeping a large exercise book that is why the popularity of a time attendance software in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. The advantages of using biometric time and attendance software system in industry are described bellow:

Easy Time keeper
In an industry, a biometric time attendance software works as a time keeper. Using time attendance software, an industry can track employees In-Time and Out-Time record easily. Besides it is easy to find out missing out time record from the software system easily.

Fixing employees time record
In an industry, it is a common matter to fix employees time record. In a exercise book, it is a little bit dirty process to fix employees time record but time attendance software system has some advanced options to fix employees time record easily.

Manage Employee Profile
It is easy to keep or manage employee profile using attendance software system. Most of the attendance system has employee profile management module to keep employee’s record and print as CV or profile.

Easy Leave Management
Most of the attendance system has Leave Management facility to submit and approve leave.

MIS Report
Management Information Service is an important part of an employee’s time attendance system. Using biometric time attendance software, an industry can get all necessary reports from system like daily attendance report, daily absent report, daily late report, daily out time missing report, section wise present-absent-late report, department wise present-absent-late report, daily OT report, employees monthly time card, leave balance report, leave report and so on.

Best Biometric  Time Attendance tracking Software System provider company in BD

It is difficult to find out the best and trusted custom time attendance software provider company in Bangladesh. In this respect, one can follow BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software Information Services). It is an association of all trusted and registered software development company in Bangladesh. from this association, one can find out the best and trusted custom time attendance software provider company in Bangladesh. Besides MASSTECH BD is a trusted software firm in Bangladesh who provides the best custom biometric time attendance software for industries and ensure 100% client satisfaction and quality.

Implementation of Employees Attendance Software System in Bangladesh

Like other software company in Bangladesh MASSTECH wants to see that their clients are 100% satisfied. That’s why MASSTECH maintains a good relation in every step of design and development. After getting work order, we collect the user requirements and analyze the requirements then discuss with client side if they change. After that, our analyst designs the system structure and sits with developers to make them understand what to do. Developers transform the blue-print into executable codes. Then we use Unit Test tool for testing the codes. When the testing is completed successfully, then we integrate it with the system and pass it to client for acceptance test. After finishing all the above said steps, finally we deliver the software and sign contract for better convenience of future maintenance.