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MASSTECH is always committed to providing high quality software based on latest Market trend. Today we are very happy to keep our promise. We have developed a number of software which will completely fulfill your needs. All of our software has been designed according to best user experience to minimize lots of effort. Managing employees daily attendance and Payroll SHOMOY (HR & PAYROLL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) will be your best working partner. Besides we have OTITHEE (HOTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) which give you a branch of facilities to keep daily track record of Guest, Check-In, Check-Out status and so on, BIPONI (POINT OF SALES SYSTEM) another Important System that can give you daily stock management facility, Barcode labeling product and sales, daily transaction report, stock report etc, HALKHATA (ACCOUNTING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) can reduce lots of accounting paper work, save your time and maximize your profit, CHUTI (SCHOOL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) an excellent school management system that can simplify all your management work. If you have any query about our products or services please feel free to contact with us .